Laser Refractive Surgery: LASIK

Laser refractive surgery is used to correct eye conditions such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.

Treatment characteristics

This type of surgery is recommended for patients who want to stop using glasses or contact lenses as a way to correct their vision. It is suitable for between 1 and 10 dioptres of myopia and between 1 and 5 dioptres of hyperopia.

This procedure is usually performed with topical anaesthesia to numb the eye and usually requires 15-20 minutes.

The intervention consists of:

A suction ring is placed on the eye

With the use of a laser, a thin flap is created to access the cornea.

The corneal disc is then removed and another laser is used to correct the defect.

The eye is cleaned and the disc is replaced. A few drops of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory are given.

About ten minutes after the operation, the doctor will give you the necessary guidelines to assist your recovery and after care at home.

At first, your vision will probably be hazy or blurry. But in a few hours, your vision will improve. And in a few weeks, you will be able to see properly without having to wear your glasses again.

If you are able to stay in Spain for the entire recovery process, you should stay here for about 5 weeks to fully recover. But if you have to return to your country earlier, you can do so 15 days after the intervention. You must always strictly follow the instructions given by the doctor.

For a few weeks, expect some visual disturbances. You should consider them normal.  

Decreased visual capacity in poor lighting conditions.

Halos or starburst around lights.

Slight changes in your visual acuity during the recovery period (5 weeks).

In two months at most (time in which the healing process is totally stabilised), we will carry out a refraction test and assess (if any) ways to correct your residual refractive error. If glasses or contact lenses are necessary, the prescription will be low power and you will probably only need them occasionally or for specific activities. If the residual refractive error is a concern for you, your ophthalmologist will inform you of the surgical possibilities to correct it.

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