Cancer treatment in Spain. Medical tourism is actively developing in a new direction. Spanish clinics are becoming the leaders in cancer treatment in Europe.

Oncology clinics in Spain have an excellent outcome in surgeries and treatments that can be compared with the best oncology centers in the United States. These treatments, compared to countries like Germany or Israel are more affordable in Spain.

Spain has centers for proton therapy, Cyberknife for minimally invasive surgeries. Oncology hospitals in Spain are at the leaders in diagnosis and treatment.

Before coming to Spain, you will have to prepare all the medical information you have so that we can offer you the most effective treatment plan as soon as possible. Spain is a choice destination for cancer treatment in Europe. We will help you organize and choose the best center and medical team for your cancer treatment.

Some of the available treatments

Skin cancer

Oncology Unit

Laryngeal cancer

Oncology Unit

Prostate cancer

Oncology Unit

Thyroid cancer

Oncology Unit


Oncology Unit

Hodgkin's lymphoma

Oncology Unit

Stomach cancer (gastric)

Oncology Unit

Cervical Cancer

Oncology Unit

Breast cancer

Oncology Unit

Kidney cancer

Oncology Unit

Lung cancer

Oncology Unit

Pancreatic Cancer

Oncology Unit

What you need to know about
cancer treatment in Spain


Lab tests; tumor markers by blood test

Imaging Tests; Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MRI), Nuclear tomography, bone scan, positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound and x-ray

Biopsy; using lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations, colonoscopies, bronchoscopies and even exploratory laparoscopies.


Cancer can be treated using different techniques and even a combination of treatments depending on the type of cancer being treated: 

Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy; external or internal, Immunotherapy, Hormone therapy, Laser therapy, Photodynamic therapy, Cryotherapy or cryosurgery; CyberKnife, GammaKnife, Proton Therapy

"Cancer treatment prices abroad vary depending on the country the patient chooses. Prices for cancer treatment in Spain are considered very affordable."

Miguel Goyanes

Operations Manager VidasPrime

We will be with you
throughout the entire process

You have your medical consultation at VidasPrime with a health manager.

Your health manager define the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

You choose the doctor and the clinic you want and we plan your trip and your stay in Spain.

Back home, we follow up with your recovery online in your country.

Free additional services

A driver will meet you at the airport in Spain, to take you to your hotel or clinic.

A translator will be available for your doctor’s appointments whenever necessary

We will be by your side to explain what the next step is at every moment

your health

The most renowned specialists in oncology worldwide can be found in Spain.

Relevant information

Days of radiotherapy for prostate cancer

5 days

Proton Therapy Centres in Spain

3 centres

Cyberknife System Centres in Spain

3 centers

Spain is the world leader in early cancer diagnosis


Let VidasPrime be by your side
every step of the way

The best medical
network in Spain

We have the most prestigious doctors and the most advanced clinics, in the biggest cities throughout the country.

Personalized treatments
adapted to you

We don’t limit ourselves to one medical option. We select the most suitable clinic and doctors, to offer unique treatment plans, tailored to each person.

Priority access
without waiting

Thanks to our agreements with the best clinics, you will benefit from preferential conditions and priority access, without long waits.


One of our Health Managers will be responsible for your case and will accompany you throughout the entire treatment process, talking to you in your language. 

Your treatment plan
in 24-48h.

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Why Spain?

Receive treatment in one of the best healthcare systems in the world.