Implant and crown restoration

The implant with a crown consists of replacing a natural tooth with a new prosthetic one. The replacement can be done in one piece or in several pieces. 

It consists of two parts; the implant which is a small titanium screw inserted into the bone of the jaw and the crown which replaces the natural tooth as a visible part and looks almost identical to the original tooth.

Treatment characteristics

An implant with a crown is a prosthesis to replace a missing or damaged tooth.

Just as teeth are made up of two parts, crown and root, the implant with crown is also made up of two parts; the implant (or screw) which would act as the root, can be made of various materials (usually zirconium or titanium) and the crown which replaces the natural tooth as the visible part and which can be made of ceramic, resin…

This treatment is intended for all those who, for different reasons need a replacement dental piece (or pieces).

When you visit our Dentists, they will carry out an implantology study in which they will explain to you which type of implant and crown should be used, as well as what tests should be carried out and how many stages the treatment will require and all the relevant pre- and post-implant information.


Normally the surgical part of the treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and its duration depends, for example, on the number of implants to be inserted or the state of the maxillary bone (sometimes it is necessary to use techniques with regenerative materials to be able to insert the implant) or if the original tooth has to be removed.


Implantology can be completed in one or two operations depending on the state of the patient’s oral health.


After the extraction of the original piece, the screw is implanted and fixed to the jawbone. The crown is then placed and attached to the screw to achieve a perfect fit (if the crown cannot be placed at the same time, the screw is covered with the gum and, when the conditions are optimal to finish the procedure, an incision is made in the gum releasing the implant and the crown is attached).

The time you will have to spend in Spain will vary depending on all of the above, so you may need between 48 hours to a few weeks

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