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The moment of birth will be the first time you will meet your little one in person. It is sure to be one of the most magical experiences of your life. Let us help you throughout this entire process and take away many of your worries. With our support you will never feel alone and will only need to think about yourself and your baby.

Treatment characteristics

When giving birth in Spain you have access to the best labor support and can choose which form of labor would best suit you and your baby. You can decide between natural unassisted childbirth, a water birth, assisted childbirth and cesarean surgery (c-section).

Our multidisciplinary team would accompany you throughout the entire process however, if this is not possible, then you must be here before the 32nd week, as from that moment on you may not be allowed to travel.

VidasPrime will provide you with the best gynecologists in Spain. Depending on the hospital you want to go to, we will look for the option that best fits your personal situation and criteria

If you decide to give birth in Spain, you can choose the type of birth as long as the clinical situation of the pregnancy allows it. Priority will always be given to what the mother wants.

You and your baby should stay in Spain until the 2nd month, as that is when you will both be able to fly.

In most cities in Spain, you will find a lower price for giving birth than in other European countries. Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga are some of the favorite destinations for our patients.

No. Even if your child is born in Spain, he or she does not have the right to Spanish nationality. It is only possible if the father or mother has Spanish nationality.

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Lower price than in other EU countries

Labor Monitoring

Translation during labor

Natural childbirth available

Benefits of waterbirth:

Benefits of assisted childbirth:

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Sara Jafary, UAE

“I would like to say my big thanks to Vidas Prime Healthcare for introducing me to the hospital. I can really say that my c-section experience was very memorable in Madrid, Spain with their help.”

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