More and more women in Europe prefer planning for pregnancy and childbirth in Spain.

The best maternity and child birth conditions can be found in our Spanish Hospitals. The doctors are attentive, caring and helpful, the rooms are comfortable and with full amenities, while the cost of care during pregnancy and childbirth is very affordable.


Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Madrid and Malaga are some of the favorite cities for mothers who come to give birth in Spain. Natural childbirth, cesarean delivery, you can travel to Spain with a set schedule. Giving birth in clinics in Spain is very popular with citizens of other countries. 

The Mediterranean climate and diet favours both preparation for delivery and the first days after the birth of your child. All necessary pre and post partum tests will be performed.

Some of the available treatments


Women’s pathologies unit


Women’s pathologies unit


Women’s pathologies unit

Uterine prolapse

Women’s pathologies unit

Ovarian cystectomy

Women’s pathologies unit

Urinary incontinence

Women’s pathologies unit

Pelvic inflamatory desease

Women’s pathologies unit

Vaginal hysterectomy

Women’s pathologies unit

Choose Spain as a destination to give birth. Your delivery in Spain.

Birth in Spain

Childbirth in Spain can be vaginal or by caesarean section, natural, non-medicalized, or with the use of drugs, such as epidural anaesthesia, induced, in water…


The procedure by which uterine fibroids are surgically removed preserving the uterus.

Vaginal hysterectomy with/
without adnexectomy

The main treatment for endometrial cancer, involving vaginal removal of the uterus with or without resection of the fallopian tubes and ovaries.


A prolapse is caused by weakness or stretching of the muscle and ligament structures that support the uterus in the pelvis, causing it to fall.

"I would like to mention Fatima who was there to support and assist me from the beginning until I checked out of the hospital. I would like to say my big thanks to Vidas Prime Healthcare for introducing me to the hospital."

Sara Jafary


We will be with you
throughout the entire process

You have your medical consultation at VidasPrime with a health manager.

Your health manager define the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

You choose the doctor and the clinic you want and we plan your trip and your stay in Spain.

Back home, we follow up with your recovery online in your country.

Free additional services

A driver will meet you at the airport in Spain, to take you to your hotel or clinic.

A translator will be available for your doctor’s appointments whenever necessary

We will be by your side to explain what the next step is at every moment

your health

The largest Obstetrics and Gynecology centres can be found in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, where thousands of couples are treated each year

Let VidasPrime be by your side
every step of the way

The best medical
network in Spain

We have the most prestigious doctors and the most advanced clinics, in the biggest cities throughout the country.

Personalized treatments
adapted to you

We don’t limit ourselves to one medical option. We select the most suitable clinic and doctors, to offer unique treatment plans, tailored to each person.

Priority access
without waiting

Thanks to our agreements with the best clinics, you will benefit from preferential conditions and priority access, without long waits.


One of our Health Managers will be responsible for your case and will accompany you throughout the entire treatment process, talking to you in your language. 

Your treatment plan
in 24-48h.

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Why Spain?

Receive treatment in one of the best healthcare systems in the world.