Polysomnography: sleep study

Sleep is one of the main factors affecting the human brain and the human body. A Sleep Medicine specialist can help you in Spain. 

You are provided with a structured programme with a protocol that allows you to obtain a correct diagnosis. This is a very comfortable procedure that allows the patient to move freely during sleep.

Treatment characteristics

Polysomnography, also called a sleep study is a test used to diagnose and assess sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, periodic limb movement disorder, insomnia, etc.

Polysomnography is a painless procedure and all you need to do is sleep. You may bring items you use for your bedtime routine such as pyjamas, bedroom slippers, etc to the sleep centre. 

A room will be prepared where you will be monitored and observed the entire night. The technicians will place several electrodes (on your head, temples, chest and chin) to monitor and control your heart and respiratory rate.

With the data recorded during the test, the specialist will be able to diagnose your disorder and give you the most appropriate treatment.

You only need to stay in Spain long enough to have the test done (carried out over 1 night) and obtain the results to start the treatment. No recovery is required.

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