Percutaneous Kidney Biopsy

This is a diagnostic test that will take only 24 hours in Spain. You can come to any of the hospitals we have in any of the major cities in Spain and also enjoy the culture, climate and history of the city.

You will simply have to stay a few hours after the operation in the hospital to certify that you are back to normal. It is recommended for those people who may have some kind of kidney condition.

Treatment characteristics

A percutaneous kidney biopsy is a test that is conducted to diagnose kidney dysfunction.

A percutaneous kidney biopsy is usually performed under local anesthesia or conscious sedation and requires 60-90 minutes.

The specialist will ask you to lie face down on the table, apply the local anaesthetic and mark the area where the incision is to be made.

A probe will be inserted through the incision, guided by an ultrasound machine (sometimes CT is used), to the appropriate area.
The specialist will insert a needle through the skin, at which point you will be asked to hold your breath while the needle is advanced through the kidney and the sample is removed (one or more samples may be taken at the same time).
Finally, once the sample is extracted, pressure will be applied and you will be bandaged.
You will spend approximately 12-24 hours in the hospital for observation.

The analysis of the sample(s) taken will serve to discern the condition you are suffering from and to be able to administer the appropriate treatment.

The time spent in Spain will depend on the result of the analysis of the biopsy taken. If the result rules out a renal pathology you will be able to return home in a couple of days. If the result reveals a kidney disorder, and you want to undergo the corresponding treatment in Spain, the doctor will inform you of the options.

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