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Hepatic Surgery

Spain is a pioneer in this laparoscopic liver surgery. Of the total number of hepatectomies performed per year, about 60% are performed laparoscopically. 

If you are interested in this type of surgery, contact us for more information. In Spain you will find world-renowned figures for hepatobiliary surgery.

Treatment characteristics

Liver surgery is the type of treatment used both to explore the affected organ and remove samples for the study to diagnose the pathology and to resect the affected part (or remove the organ so that a functional part of the liver can be transplanted) suitable for liver metastases or tumours in the liver.

This surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia and usually takes 60-90 minutes if it is to extract samples or 120-300 minutes if it is to resect a part of the liver.


It is mostly performed by laparoscopy and consists of making millimeter incisions through which the surgeon inserts the surgical instruments that will allow him to perform one surgery or another.


After the surgery you will go to the recovery room and from there to the ward where you will stay between 3 to 7 days although, sometimes for up to 2 weeks.

You may need to remain in Spain between two weeks and a couple of months depending on the reason for the surgery. However, by means of this technique it is usually possible to reduce recovery time significantly.

Treatment itinerary

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During treatment

After treatment

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