Fertility treatments

Artificial Insemination

This procedure involves inserting the selected sperm directly into the uterus at the time of ovulation to bring about fertilisation.

Treatment characteristics

This treatment is recommended in cases where there is no apparent cause that prevents conception or if the male partner has some type of hereditary disease that he does not want to transmit to his offspring or if one wants to be a mother without a male partner.

It consists of inserting a sperm sample, either from the partner (previously treated in the laboratory) or from a donor, into the woman’s uterus by means of a cannula in the womb.

The result may vary depending on the different probabilities that your doctor will have informed you of from the beginning of your treatment process.

However, you will already be one step closer to having your baby.

The whole process does not require you to be in Spain for more than a week.

Relevant information

Babies are already born in Spain

children born after IVF in Spain. Highest rate in Europe

Cases of IVF in Spain are women over 40 years old

Spain, one of the countries with the best ratios



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During treatment

After treatment

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