Cardiac Catheterisation

Cardiac catheterisation is an invasive diagnostic test that is used to prevent and/or treat heart disease as well as allowing doctors to locate blockages or any narrowing in the coronary arteries.

Treatment characteristics

This test is for patients who have acute chest pain, fatigue (respiratory failure) or a history of heart attack or angina.

A catheter is inserted into an artery through the arm or groin to the heart, guided by an x-ray machine. Once the catheter is in place, a contrast dye is injected to detect any abnormalities.

This diagnostic test allows doctors to measure the heart’s oxygen supply, measure blood pressure and blood flow, examine arteries and/or take blood or tissue samples in order to prevent heart disease.

As the procedure is not an intervention but a diagnostic test, and if no abnormality has been detected that requires treatment, it is not necessary to stay in Spain for more than a few days.

Treatment itinerary

Before treatment

During treatment

After treatment

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